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Cantuccini chocolate & hazelnuts


Cantuccini were first made in Tuscany centuries ago, using a simple but tasty recipe. Their unique diagonally cut shape and trademark double baking ensure their characteristic crumbliness and an explosion of aromas. This version is even more scrumptious, with cocoa and 100% Italian hazelnuts. Just open the packet, and you’ll be entranced by their heady and enticing perfume.

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Our Cantuccini are made with carefully selected raw materials: fresh eggs from free-range hens, fresh milk from the Tuscan Maremma, cocoa from controlled supply chains, and 100% Italian hazelnuts.

We carefully select all our raw materials, so that our sweets have a unique flavour and give moments of genuine pleasure.

raw materials

  • 150g

Nutrition Facts

Average value per 100g
ENERGY 2080 kJ
498 Kcal
  of which saturates
24.0 g
6,1 g
  of which sugars
60,0 g
30,0 g
SODIUM 500 mg

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