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Almond Cantuccini


Cantuccini, an original Tuscan recipe, are the unmistakable diagonally-cut, twice-baked biscuits; a shower of almonds combined with a delicate hint of vanilla and citrus, a crunchy delight that exhilarates the senses. Eggs, fresh milk, almonds, sugar and honey are the secrets of a recipe that follows tradition, but retains its charm over time, from its appearance at the Medici court, creating an unbreakable bond with Tuscany.

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Our almond Cantuccini are made by processing selected raw materials. Our eggs come from Italian free-range hens, and our fresh milk is produced in Maremma. The fragrant almonds we use are from California, the perfect place to grow them and the source of more than 95% of world production.

We carefully select all our raw materials, so that our sweets have a unique flavour and give moments of genuine pleasure.

raw materials

  • 150g

Nutrition Facts

Average value per 100g
ENERGY 1940 kJ
464 Kcal
  of which saturates
18 g
4,3 g
  of which sugars
63 g
32 g
SODIUM 750 mg


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