Traditional bakery products since 1832

The art of traditional pastry-making; Since 1832. Since its origins, Sapori combines the quality of its local ingredients with the desire to illustrate the beauty of its territory. The result? A range of unique products. 

The art of baking, tradition, and heartfelt passion

he desire to surprise and gift unforgettable moments is the driving force that fuels the creativity and hard work of the Sapori Master Bakers. Our raw materials do not only consist of high quality and commitment. We also use a very special, secret ingredient: passion.

Making our products

Idee Golose

Raw materials

The choice of our ingredients is the starting point for ensuring products with a unique, unmistakeable taste. This is why Sapori chooses its top quality raw materials with the closest attention to detail, meticulously monitoring the production chain and ensuring respect for the environment.

Only superior quality cocoa goes into our dark chocolate 72% cocoa. We bring out the taste of our chocolate-coated products by creating a perfect balance between the uniqueness of the filling and the strong taste of the chocolate coating.
Fine Cocoa

Only whole almonds. We don’t buy almond paste; we make it ourselves. This enables us to choose a unique mixture of sweet and bitter almonds for our products and achieve the precise taste we are looking for.
Almonds ground using stone rollers
We only use fresh Italian eggs from free-range hens, ensuring we reap all the benefits offered by our local territory and supply chain.
Fresh Italian eggs

We only use fresh Tuscan milk, ensuring we reap all the benefits offered by our local territory and supply chain.
Fresh Milk
The mixture of candied fruit in a rich cake such as panforte is one of its most characteristic ingredients. We only choose candied fruit that is free from preservatives and sulphites, in a fine quality selection such as candied orange, melon and citron-peel, to give our panforte its unique texture and taste.
Candied Fruit
The key ingredients of all our bakery products: cinnamon, star anise, coriander, cardamom, pepper, cloves. The history of Sapori originates precisely from spices, those imported from the Orient, where Virgilio Sapori’s vocation, and the idea of an unmistakeable cake like panforte, were inspired.


Our deep passion for the territory has allowed us to convey all the excellence of the ancient Tuscan recipes in every single product in our range. 

An unbreakable bond since1832.