Soft almond Amaretti

Soft, with almonds, good at any time of day: Yes, here they are, Sapori’s soft Amaretti. Delicate and fragrant, with more than 13% sweet almonds, these are one of the most popular Italian specialities. Known for centuries in both crispy and soft versions, this biscuit is familiar in similar versions all over our country.


Soft almond Amaretti
Like marzipan and Ricciarelli, it is distinguished by its soft top and small, round shape. Only sugar, sweet almonds and egg whites are used to create a small gem of national confectionery tradition.

Disponibile nei formati:

  • 175g

Nutrition Facts

Values Per 100g
ENERGY 1980 kJ  kJ
474 Kcal kcal
  di cui acidi grassi saturi
25,4 g
2,1 g
  of which sugars
47,8 g
44,6 g
PROTEIN 11,5 g
SALT 10 g