Soft Panforte

the Delicate

Soft Panforte

the Delicate

Soft Panforte is rolled out by hand in the traditional way, with care and dedication, offering the proud result of tradition and the certainty of an excellent product, every Christmas.

Steso a mano

How was Panforte Margherita born?

In 1879, the Sienese pharmacist, Galgano Parenti, owner of one of the city's leading bakeries, who later joined the Sapori family to develop together the Sienese sweets in the world, created a new version of panforte. The novelty consisted of a layer of powdered sugar that made it more delicate than previously. He dedicated the new recipe to Queen Margherita di Savoia, who was visiting Siena for the August Palio, and from that day the panforte took its name. She liked the kind gift so much that her knight of honor sent a heartfelt thank-you letter to Galgano, still jealously guarded by us today.


Candied orange peels and citron 34% (orange peels, citron, glucose syrup, sugar, acidity regulator: citric acid, preservative: sulphur dioxide) – sugar 13% – almonds 13% – grained almond 11% – wheat flour – glucose-fructose syrup – hazelnut 5% – maltodextrin – powdered sugars 2.5% (sugar, cornstarch) – starch wafer (potato starch, water) – mixed spices 0.3%.
May contain soy and other nuts.

Nutrition Facts

Average value per 100g
ENERGY 1822 kJ
434 Kcal
  of which saturates
17 g
1,4 g
  of which sugars
61 g
22 g
FIBRE 4,4 g
SALT 0,01 g

Available packaging:

  • 350g box
Soft Panforte - Sapori 1832
Sapori 1832

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