Delizie Toscane

Figs and walnuts pastry

Delizie Toscane

Figs and walnuts pastry

Panforte with figs and walnuts becomes a pocket-sized sweet with all its goodness in a miniature individually wrapped portion. You can carry it with you or choose to sample all three Delizie Toscane, one tastier than the next. The festivities never end.

Brand N1 in Italy

1° reference of the Delizie Toscane Market

A passion lasting nearly 200 years

The intense flavour of walnuts blends with the sweetness of dried figs to create "delizie toscane" with figs and nuts. This delicacy comes from panforte, a sweet with ancient origins, a symbol of tuscan tradition. Small, individually wrapped slices to take with you for a delicious break at any time of day. A moment of pure pleasure: a unique and rich taste, exclusive and authentic, genuine and scrumptious at The same time. The blend of figs and nuts combines with raisins and hazelnut paste in a recipe that’s irresistible... Bite after bite!


Sugar, wheat flour, dried figs 17.5%, walnuts 17.5%, glucose-fructose syrup, raisins 11%, hazelnuts paste 2.7%, icing sugar 2% (sugar, cornstarch), starch wafer (potato starch, water). May contain soya and other nuts.

Nutrition Facts

Average value per 100g
ENERGY 1710 kJ
406 Kcal
  of which saturates
12 g
1,0 g
  of which sugars
68 g
40 g
FIBRE 3,3 g
SALT 0,04 g

Available packaging:

  • 126g bag 7 single portion
Delizie Toscane - Sapori 1832
Sapori 1832

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