Cantuccini Toscani IGP

Almond Biscotti Toscani

Cantuccini Toscani IGP

Almond Biscotti Toscani

Cantuccini, an original Tuscan recipe, are the unmistakable diagonally-cut, twice-baked biscuits; a shower of almonds combined with a delicate hint of vanilla and citrus, a crunchy delight that exhilarates the senses. Eggs, fresh milk, almonds, sugar and honey are the secrets of a recipe that follows tradition, but retains its charm over time, from its appearance at the Medici court, creating an unbreakable bond with Tuscany.

Qualità certificata

Cantuccini Toscani
Brand N1 in Italy

1° reference of the Cantuccini Toscani IGP Market

A passion lasting nearly 200 years

Sapori’s pgi (protected geographical indication) tuscan cantuccino, the unmistakable diagonally sliced biscuit of historic tuscan tradition: a shower of almonds meets fresh tuscan milk and honey, fresh barn eggs and sugar to create a sensual delight with a unique crunchiness (Unique because at sapori we bake cantuccini twice!).


Wheat flour, sugar 30%, almonds 20%, egg yolk 4,8%, eggs 4,8%, fresh pasteurized whole milk 4,8%, butter, honey 0,5%, raising agents: disodium diphosphate – sodium bicarbonate, salt, flavourings. May contain soy and other nuts.

Nutrition Facts

Average value per 100g
ENERGY 1945 kJ
463 Kcal
  of which saturates
18 g
4,3 g
  of which sugars
63 g
32 g
FIBRE 4,7 g
SALT 0,75 g

Available packaging:

  • 175g bag
  • 800g bag
Cantuccini Toscani IGP - Sapori 1832

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Sapori 1832

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