Dark Chocolate Chunks Biscotti


Dark Chocolate Chunks Biscotti

A shower of dark chocolate nuggets joins the classic Cantuccini recipe to create an unbeatable combination. The crispness of the pastry blends with the full, intense taste of chocolate for a whirlwind of flavours and textures. An exquisite interpretation of Tuscan tradition that will lift your spirits.

Brand N1 in Italy

1° reference of the Cantuccini Market

A passion lasting nearly 200 years

Cantuccino, the most classic of traditional tuscan cookies, in a delightful reworking: a shower of dark chocolate nuggets joins fresh tuscan milk and honey, fresh barn eggs and sugar. The unique crunchiness Of the pastry - unique because at sapori we bake Cantuccini twice - combines the full and intense taste Of chocolate in a whirlof flavours and textures.


Wheat flour, sugar 27%, chocolate drops and chunks 22.5% (sugar; cocoa paste; cocoa butter; emulsifier: soy lecithin; flavouring), egg yolk 4.5%, eggs 4.5%, fresh pasteurized whole milk 4.5%, butter, raising agents: disodium diphosphate – sodium bicarbonate, honey 0.4%, salt, flavourings. May contain nuts.

Nutrition Facts

Average value per 100g
ENERGY 1884 kJ
448 Kcal
  of which saturates
14 g
6 g
  of which sugars
72 g
41 g
FIBRE 2,6 g
SALT 0,75 g

Available packaging:

  • 250g bag
Cantuccini - Sapori 1832

Forse non tutti sanno che…

Sapori 1832

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