Cantuccini are unmistakable traditional Tuscan biscuits

The careful choice of the finest raw materials and the steadfast passion of our master pastry chefs make these twice-baked delights better than ever!
The ingredients are simple and selected with care. Only Italian flour, fresh eggs, fresh milk from the Maremma plain, a touch of honey combined with a shower of stone-ground almonds, plus a delicate hint of vanilla and citrus fruits, produce an excellent result that makes our cookies unique.

Cantuccini - Sapori 1832
Our pearls of sweetness are always available ready to accompany you throughout the year!

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Questi sono gli elementi unici che ci caratterizzano per regalarti attimi indimenticabili grazie alla maestria dei nostri pasticceri e alla tradizione che viene sempre rispettata. Regalati momenti unici di piacere!