Saporelli biscuits are created by our Master Confectioners, who enrich the refined goodness of almond paste, giving it a new shape and a tasty centre of sour cherries or chocolate. The soft almond paste is combined with a delicious filling, creating a perfect bittersweet blend.

Delicate stone-ground almond paste with delicious stuffing

Here’s how we make them

The almonds are stone-ground by tradition and blended gently with sugar, to create a round-shaped delicacy with a heart full of delicate black cherries or tasty chocolate. A meeting of refined, unique fragrances and flavours.
The round shape is perfect to release their full, smooth flavour. A dusting of icing sugar completes the work and voila, the magic is complete!

This is the secret of our exclusive recipe, to create a speciality that enraptures the senses.
These are our unique qualities, giving you unforgettable moments thanks to the skill of our pastry chefs and their constant respect for tradition. Treat yourself to moments of pleasure!