Leavened Sweets

So much softness, thanks to slow rising and repeated kneading, easily digestible, using first-rate yeast and ingredients, such as fresh eggs from free-range hens, Italian fresh milk and traditional butter, not to mention candied fruit, processed only with sugar to retain all its flavour. So many choices of quality to offer two Colombe with a unique taste and indisputable authenticity.

Soft, fragrant, handmade and slow natural leavening.

Here’s how we make them

The traditional recipe begins by combining the best ingredients to create a soft and full-bodied dough. After the dough is kneaded, it is allowed to rise slowly for 40 hours and then left to cool naturally.
The softness, colour and unmistakable aroma of Sapori leavened products are the result of a long wait for the softest and tastiest traditional sweet.

This is the secret of our exclusive recipe, to create a speciality that enraptures the senses.
These are our unique qualities, giving you unforgettable moments thanks to the skill of our pastry chefs and their constant respect for tradition. Treat yourself to moments of pleasure!