Cantuccini are unmistakable traditional Tuscan biscuits; the careful choice of the finest raw materials and the steadfast passion of our master pastry chefs make these twice-baked delights better than ever!

The ingredients are simple and selected with care. Only Italian flour, fresh eggs, fresh milk from the Maremma plain, a touch of honey combined with a shower of stone-ground almonds, plus a delicate hint of vanilla and citrus fruits, produce an excellent result that makes our cookies unique.

What makes them special is the diagonal cut and double baking.

Here’s how we make them

It all begins with the most carefully selected raw materials, a balanced and harmonious mixture; the loaves are baked a first time, then sliced while still hot, when their aroma has just begun to waft. Then they are baked a second time, toasted and made fragrant and crisp in the traditional manner.

This is the secret of our exclusive recipe, to create a speciality that enraptures the senses.
These are our unique qualities, giving you unforgettable moments thanks to the skill of our pastry chefs and their constant respect for tradition. Treat yourself to moments of pleasure!