Daily delicacies

Every day is an excellent opportunity to pamper yourself or to make someone else's day sweeter. The fanciful delights we present are a real pleasure for your taste buds, suitable for all occasions and every palate… classic crispy Cantuccini, with their decisive aroma, tasty Cantuccini with chocolate chips and large chunks for the most discerning, delicate fine pastry biscuits with tasty icing, suitable for all tastes, soft Amaretti with almonds, ideal for delicious recipes, and the latest addition, Essenze with goji berries, intense and engaging, or caramel for a special coffee break.

We want to make your day unique, special and unforgettable, with a tasty touch! How? With our daily delicacies!

These are all our gems of sweetness, always available, ready to accompany you throughout the year!