Ricciarelli biscuits are a typical Sienese sweet made from almonds and sugar. They still have their curled shape and are especially delicious, with a contrast between the soft centre and the fragrant outer layer, which, like Panforte, still maintains its old recipe.
It’s said that Ricciarelli were popularised by Ricciardetto Gherardesca on his return from the Crusades. He brought them to his castle near Volterra and delighted all his guests with a sweet that at the time was still little known.

Stone-ground almond paste makes for a soft, silky centre.

Here’s how we make them

The same old-time ingredients, the same passion as always, the unchanging desire to create… a mix of sweet and bitter crushed almonds, mixed gently with sugar and kneaded with stone rollers, as in times past, to maintain their distinctive softness, a 48-hour resting period to ensure an excellent result; the addition of egg white, salt and yeast makes the unique diamond-shaped Ricciarello.
The final secret? A generous sprinkling of powdered sugar before baking… the only way to have a fragrant sweet with a soft, silky centre.

This is the secret of our exclusive recipe, to create a speciality that enraptures the senses.
These are our unique qualities, giving you unforgettable moments thanks to the skill of our pastry chefs and their constant respect for tradition. Treat yourself to moments of pleasure!