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Cantuccini and wine

The combination par excellence, Cantuccini and Vin Santo, two products from the same area that always go together. The sweetness of Vin Santo is ideally suited to the delicacy of Cantuccini with almonds. Have you ever dipped a Cantuccino in Vin Santo? Try it!

We carefully select all our raw materials, so that our cakes have a unique taste and you give genuine moments of pleasure.

raw materials

Nutrition Facts

Average value per 100g
ENERGY 1933 kJ
461 Kcal
  of which saturates
17,6 g
4,3 g
  of which sugars
62,8 g
31,6 g
FIBRE 4,7 g
PROTEIN 10,2 g
SALT 0,75 g

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